• NO cleats allowed on the field. Only turf shoes, or indoors allowed. No other footwear will be permitted to enter the field.
  • No food or drink allowed on the field (with drink exception to Tailgate and Little People Party events).
  • Glassware must be left outside the perimeter of the field.  
  • No spitting on the field.


  • Balls are out of bounds if over head height, or hit the side nets
  • No heading the ball
  • No offensive or defensive player may enter the keeper's box
  • Keeper may not cross half field
  • All kicks are indirect
  • You can not score from the defensive half
  • No corner kicks
  • Goalie may not throw the ball over half field, it must touch the ground first
  • No slide tackles
  • Red cards subject to one game suspension
  • Substitutes only when dead ball