Pick Up

Step 1: If you have yet to create an account, create one here.

Step 2: Log in here.

Step 3: Click 'Buy' and purchase at least one package (if you already have packages skip this step). 

Step 4: Click  'Book Session' and select from the calendar. Then select 'Book' 

Step 5: Verify you are fully booked. Click 'My Schedule' and check the session is now on this calendar.


*You may book into pick-up, or cancel your booking within 2 hours of the start time. If you cancel, you will be able to use your session for another date. If you do not cancel within two hours, no refunds or make-up sessions will be permitted.

*If less than 6 individuals are booked 2 hours prior, pick-up WILL NOT be held, and the package will be returned to your account. An email will be sent out notifying of the cancellation. However, please check attendance number and email prior to your session to ensure it will be held. 

*Please read over the rule page HERE if this is your first time attending.

*NO CLEATS, ONLY TURF, FLATS, OR ATHLETIC SHOES! Players will not be allowed on the field with cleats.